More About Me

Whether Buying or Selling, the process has many steps and during the transaction there can be a lot of moving parts.  As your realtor, I serve as your trusted real-estate advisor who will help you navigate and negotiate throughout the entire process.  What can you expect when working with me?

A Relationship based on Communication.  I am your point of contact and will be working with you directly.  Different from a real-estate team where the labor is divided, I am your full-service realtor and will be answering all emails, phone calls and text messages in a timely manner.  Not only will I be communicating with you directly, but making sure that you understand all aspects of what is happening throughout the transaction.

Work Ethic and Integrity.  I’m all in for you.  I take pleasure in helping others achieve their real estate dreams. I look forward to the positive results in the end, even when hammering out the tedious details when negotiating.  You can count on me to be hard at work while serving your best interests.

Knowledge of Housing Market and Market Trends.  Staying current is paramount in understanding value in today’s market.  As a former math teacher, I can attest to the importance of reading data and statistics and being able to interpret the data.  You can expect that I triangulate the latest data and communicate how market statistics and trends impact the value of your home or home you are looking to purchase.  Lastly, I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  I have lived and worked on both sides of the river, therefore I am extremely knowledgeable of the many personalities Portland’s metro area neighborhoods offer (including the schools!).